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The ultimate baby monitor buyers guide

Do I need a baby monitor? This is one of the frequently asked questions by expectant mothers. The question may seem to be an obvious one, but baby monitors are an innovation. They offer a parent freedom from constant monitoring a baby at the bedside.

Usually, a baby monitor consists of a receiver and a transmitter unit. The parent keeps receiver unit whereas the transmitter is placed adjacent to the baby. In this way, a mother can hear instantly whether the baby requires attention.

Types of baby monitors

Baby monitor types

t2wgedfc6whedf782u2There are three main types of baby monitors. The traditional ones used to alert the parent whenever the baby starts to cry, is uncomfortable or appears to be restless. Nowadays, some audio-visual monitors let the parent hear and see the baby. They have a camera unit, a microphone, and a receiver with a screen and speaker. The other type of baby monitors is sensor monitors. They are also known as respiratory baby monitors. They offer you peace of mind by alerting you if your baby has breathing problems.

Audio baby monitors

This type falls into two categories: digital and analog. Analog baby monitors were subject to lots of interference from household items which offered a wireless signal. Although this may be true about cheap analog monitors. Nowadays, the majority of them have a single channel that enables you to select the channel that is free of interference. Moreover, they utilize technology that drastically reduces outside interference.

Audio-visual baby monitors

These baby monitors are a recent innovation. They allow you to hear and see the baby. This offers added benefits like seeing whether the baby is sleeping awkwardly. These types of baby monitors are useful for old children. This means that you can check on your baby even when in remote areas.

When choosing this type of baby monitor, you should look for things such as night vision, number of channels, and whether it has a standby mode.

Sensor baby monitors

These are also known as respiratory baby monitors. They have sensitive pads, which go underneath the baby’s mattress. In the first year, infants experience non-uniform breathing patterns. Fortunately, this monitor will alert you immediately. Breathing changes can be a result of high fever, cold, or other illnesses.t2fgwed6whedf72ji22

The above are some types of baby monitors you will find on the market. Ensure you purchase the right device by reading the baby camera monitor reviews here. You will gather insights into what they offer and what to consider.…


Organic Swaddle Blankets: The Promises Made To The Little Ones

An organic swaddling blanket might seem a piece of cloth to others, but only a mother knows how precious memories are attached to every thread. From the moment the little one was handed over to her, wrapped in a soft, cuddly blanket, to the time when the mischievous one learned to play peek-a-boo for the first time with it; everything is linked to it.

The following are the things that you should look for when choosing blankets for your infant.

Should Keep Him/Her Safe

To many, the idea to make some promises to the baby with a swaddling blanket might seem a bit whimsy, but only the parents know how every little thing matters! Choosing a pure muslin cotton blanket over a regular one is a promise, and it is about taking the responsibility of the baby and offering him/her with utmost care. While tightly wrapped, over-customized swaddling cloths can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other issues; with cotton, flat, soft, breathable one, parents show how much it means to keep the baby safe first, in comparison to making things “easier” for them to “handle” the baby.


Should Offer A Nature-Friendly Life

The muslin cotton swaddling blankets are made of absolutely organic fabric, which is biodegradable and has no side effects on the baby as well. In fact, only such blankets are breathable, which allows protecting the baby from suffocating in his/her body heat. When the parents pick such nature-friendly products like organic blankets, they are also making a promise that they will always prefer what is best for a healthier life of the baby, and the world. This is a great lesson any parents could leave to their children, for the future; to be Green, to be friendly to the Mother Nature, who needs to be treated nicely always.

Should Be With Them Forever

The best things about the swaddling blankets are that these get softer with every wash, and become even more sustainable, too. It will last even when the baby is past the swaddling age, and can be used for many other purposes as well. So, while these are mere wrapping clothes for others, parents see these as something that shows the baby how the relationship between them is going to be there forever, and how it will grow even more beautiful as the time passes by. It is not necessary that parents put exactly these thoughts every time they pick something for their children, but they do hold the meaning in them. They spend months on planning and going through numerous options to take the right decisions for their unborn children, and the hours only increase when they are born.



Only the parents know how meaningful even a swaddling blanket can be. It is not just the soft touch they are ensuring to their children; it is also the soft touch that keeps reminding them how they are doing the right thing for their baby, and how s/he fills their hearts, with love and warmth, and with the sweetest memories.…