Learn To Draw With Quality


Drawing is a process that teaches multiple skills that can be helpful in any undertaking. Almost everyone can learn to draw with quality, based on the amount of time and practice you put into it. As such, even the most basic drawing skills can be turned into something pleasant.

Here are tips to help you learn to draw with quality:

Tips To Help You Learn To Draw Better

1. Learn To Draw Lines

This tip may seem obvious, but this is perhaps the best suggestion you’ll come across anywhere. The skill of drawing lines without tiring your fingers by applying too much pressure is something you won’t develop naturally. You will have to do practice for acquiring this skill. However, learning to draw smooth lines is not as difficult as you may think.


Get a piece of paper and start making curved lines on it. Join those lines to form meaningful shapes. You need to draw the various shapes fast without wasting time. Initially, the lines will not be smooth, but you will notice some improvement as you keep at it.

2. Draw a Lot

The more you draw each day, the better you become at it. When you draw on a daily basis, you will be able to learn something new each day. It may also be advisable to get a job where you are required to draw. It is easier to get in a lot of practice when you are required to draw each day.

3. Slow but Sure

When learning to draw, do it with a pencil, crow quill or brush, do it slowly. This will give you control over what you are drawing. This is particularly important when you are drawing curves and ellipses freehand. Although it is often advisable to sketch an ink ellipse in a quick stroke, most seasoned artists will carefully and intentionally ink the ellipse with small, carefully controlled strokes.

4. Learn To Draw With Quality from the Best

ghhgddshg443Thanks to the Internet, it is now very easy to learn from the very best. Find seasoned artists on Google or Twitter and start learning from their work. Start a conversation with them. Read what they have written on their blogs and ask them questions. Download or purchase high-quality images of their work and try to draw the exact images. However, be sure to give the original artist their due credit if you want to show your work to other people.

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5. Repeat Until You Perfect It

This is also a very important step. You will always find something new to learn. The beauty of drawing is finding those breakthrough moments that come with repeatedly practicing until you perfect it. Remember that the prize is in the process, and not the end-result.