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Best Blenders to Purchase in 2016

A blender is a perfect and vital equipment for making healthy great-shakes, frozen cocktails and smoothies of all ingredients. If you are looking for the best blender 2016, then read further. For a modern kitchen blender is a must have the equipment. The best models of best blenders in the year 2016 includes


Ninja Ultima Kitchen system

Ninja Ultima Kitchen system is more than a blender, as the name goes it is a system. Controlling this klmmbbbcxblender is easy it only has three power buttons i.e. start, stop and pulse. This Ninja blender is an exceptional blender that also includes a multistage blending.

This model comes with 8 cups of ingredients processing bowl, two ninja cups with seals and lids, a 3-HP motor and 1500 watt, making a very powerful blender. However, this Ninja model only has a 2-year warranty.

KitchenAid KBS1575ER 5-Speed Diamond Blender

The diamond blender is one of the best blenders in 2016, it is easy to use and its perfect model for your kitchen. It has an amazing diamond blending system; it also has an exclusive ultimate blending pursuance to chop, stir and liquefy.

It has a crush ice mode plus 1-5 pulse settings. Its system ensures the ingredients blends significantly and efficient to greatest smoothies. It has a robust motor that maintains optimal speed through all ingredients. The diamond blender comes with a free diamond pitcher and stainless steel blades and a five-year warranty.

Vitamix 7500 series blender

Vitamix 7500 is incredibly easy to use and operate the controls. When fully powered its sharp blades can whirl up to 270-mph, hence it faster and more efficient for quantity smoothies. The Vitamix 7500 is more powerful and able to pulverize and blend more challenging food than any other Vitamix model.

The same model is much silent and mostly used by professionals in big hotels and restaurants. The beauty of Vitamix 7500 series is that it comes with seven-year warranty! Yes, seven years.

Oster Versa

kjjjmmmghOster Versa is bigger and better. You cannot ignore this model. To start with it is affordable. The Oster Versa is much powerful with 1400 watt, and its controls include a pulse button and variable speed dials.

The variable knobs help in producing more smoothies texture that recipes oriented. The stainless steel blades of this model spin at 250-mph due to it’s the 1400 watt. And just like the Vitamix 7500 the Oster Versa comes with a seven-year warranty.…


Getting The Best Nutritionist

A nutritionists’ work is very fundamental to everyone. Your health is also something that should be given priority. A nutritionists’ work is to make sure you make healthy choices when it comes to food. Their objective is keeping you off diseases by having a healthy diet and lifestyle in general. For the best nutritionist visit getfitstartsmart. Getting a good nutritionist is, therefore, a vital thing in taking care of your health.

General information


jhjhjhhjhThe key quality of any nutritionist is analytical. Nutritionists’ main work is solving problems with the use of ideas basing on facts. Since you are a client, the nutritionist should be able to use the nutritional knowledge to create a strategy that will solve your problem. Their decisions have to be at par with new scientific information. Their reasoning should be geared towards solving clients’ problems in the most efficient manner.


Nutritionist work with a lot of clients some of which include organizations such as schools. A good nutritionist should be organized in starting and completing a plan. They should be able to keep records of clients and manage time. They must also be able to follow nutritional requirements of each customer.

Communication skills

A nutritionist works with people of diverse needs and origins. A good nutritionist should enjoy working with different people. They must have excellent listening skills and pay attention to clients. You will know you are talking to a good nutritionist with the amount of care they give you. They have to express an interest in wanting to help you as well. Asking follow-up questions, letting you finish your points and noting your reaction to new plans is a good show that the nutritionist is the one for you.

Writing and speaking clearly is a quality that any medical practitioner should have. Nutritionist work with diverse people and most of them are not well educated in the medical field. A good nutritionist should have the ability to turn complex details to a language that any client can understand. Also, clients have different needs and are of different ages hence a good nutritionist should have the ability to modify his message to suit the needs of the audience.


mllkknnbNutritionists work with software and databases of nutritional products. They deal with tools like calorimeters, glucose meters, and bioelectric impedance machines. A good nutritionist should, therefore, have a technical know-how. They must be comfortable with working with all new technology introduced in their field.

Getting a good nutritionist can be a challenge. Nevertheless, looking for good nutritionists is worth the search. The qualities apply to an excellent and professional nutritionist. Your health is imperative, and a good nutritionist will help you stay healthy.…